Securing global communications with quantum light


High-performance quantum photonic systems with on-demand single photons

Scalable and versatile

Image by Robert Shunev

Broadband Quantum Communication

Our high-perfomance technology allows building truly high-speed quantum encrypted communication links.

Image by Lorenzo Herrera

Imaging & Microscopy

Next-generation precision using quantum properties of light.

Image by Umberto

Scalable Quantum Computing

Building entangled links between computing nodes and utilising our technology for large-scale quantum information processing.

Creative Destruction Lab
Funded by Innovate UK
Y Accelerator
QBN Member
Member of EPIC

Our Team

  • Max Sich


  • Scott Dufferwiel


  • Dennis Camilleri

    Non-executive Director

  • John Quilter

    Quantum Photonics Engineer

  • Andrii Iamshanov


  • Ross McMaster

    Director, University of Sheffield

  • Prof Jon Heffernan

    Advisor, Director

  • Prof Maurice Skolnick

    Chair Scientific Advisory, Director


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